Data Security

Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2019

Data Security

Security and risk management leaders need to create security strategies that treat data as a pervasive asset. Data security continues to be increasingly important due to new data privacy laws and the growth of data breaches. Not only does this increase business risk, but the publicity of data breaches makes companies vulnerable. 


To ensure your security strategy meets data privacy regulations and is protected from hackers, IT security and risk management leaders must: 


  • Use a data security governance framework to prioritize business risks that need to be mitigated with appropriate security.
  • Collaborate with the chief data officer and data privacy officer to classify and identify datasets affected by prioritized business risks and to determine how this will affect the data management life cycle.
  • Investigate the security and privacy risks of blockchain technologies, such as the potential consequences of handling personal customer data and the risk of unauthorized disclosures.
  • Adopt the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) consent blueprint for consent management outside of the EU. Early adopters will have a competitive advantage in privacy planning.
  • Develop effective data retention policies by providing business-centric risk minimization options that prioritize individual privacy.


At Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit you’ll find content on creating a data security governance strategy, securing APIs and discussions on data protection and privacy compliance. You’ll walk away with an understanding of what the future of data security looks like, challenges faced by data regulations and how to strengthen your strategy from impending threats.

Data Security

By 2020, the backup and archiving of personal data will represent the largest area of privacy risk for 70% of organizations, up from 10% in 2018. 

Data Security Sessions

  • Outlook for Data Security 2019
  • Creating a Data Security Governance Strategy
  • A Successful Data Security Strategy Needs a Financial Risk Assessment
  • What to Know When Buying Incident Response and Data Breach Response Services
  • Data Encryption Is Required for Data Protection and Privacy Compliance — Myths and Reality


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