Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2019


Cybersecurity has never been more relevant than in the past year. With crippling ransomware attacks, and now Spectre and Meltdown, security and risk management leaders must agree on how to define and address risks and threats in a new digital environment. The mission of cybersecurity must evolve to accommodate these concerns. 


Cybersecurity is one of the most misused terms in technology today and the misunderstandings that causes can create problems. CISOs, IT security and risk management leaders must agree on what cybersecurity means to address the risks and threats of digital transformation.


  • Define and apply "digital security" as a term that reflects digital and cybersecurity risks of digital business initiatives.
  • Incorporate the standard definitions into contracts with vendors throughout the organization's supply chain by delivering an agreed-on standard template for contracts and procurement.
  • CISOs should review the cybersecurity definition yearly or as major business needs change through a combined business/technology governance team and change as needed.
  • Propagate the definition throughout the organization via aggressive communications and awareness programs as part of a mandated cultural shift for digital business.


At Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit you’ll find content on how to craft and implement a security strategy for the digital age, hone your leadership skills and shift in how the whole organization approaches security. Join us for a comprehensive update on the latest threats and solutions in cybersecurity. 


Cybersecurity has been an ever-present issue in the past year. Organizations have had data breaches publicized, suffered unwelcome costs and had their brands put under scrutiny. Security and risk management leaders must continually learn, evolve and adapt to protect their organizations from current and future threats.

Cybersecurity Sessions

  • Incident Response Scenario for Phishing Attacks
  • The Characteristics of a Defensible, Risk-Based Cybersecurity Program
  • Why the Business Impact Analysis Is Essential for Cyber-Response Planning
  • Improve Technology Risk and Cybersecurity Through Better Customer Experience
  • Focus More on the Realities of Cyber-physical Systems Security Than on the Concepts of IoT


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