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“As always, Gartner analysts demonstrate they have their finger on the pulse on what’s happening in the security space. I’m walking away with deep insights and a lot of ideas to implement when I get back to the office.”





Head of Product, Elrin Consulting

“The sessions were brilliant, especially around highlighting user education. The level of detail and do’s and don’ts have left me feeling that I’ve learned a lot from this event — and it’s saved me a lot of time when I go back into the office, as I know what I need to do to accelerate my security initiatives.”



Employee, Parker Hannifin

“Great value since we’re evaluating the future state of our security infrastructure. Good insight into the future trends and the things to take into consideration when transitioning. Also, fantastic opportunities to collaborate with other organizations and gather real-life examples and insights.”



Finnish transport agency

“By bringing the majority of vendors together under one roof, Gartner has accelerated my ability to understand the whole market and the products on offer, and best yet, how they fit into my roadmap and which technology will be best suited for me.”



Security lead

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