Six tracks dedicated to tackling your mission-critical priorities in your supply chain



Track A
Strategy & Leadership

The new supply chain era demands new strategies, new leadership styles, and getting comfortable with innovation and disruption as normal rather than exceptions. The strategy and leadership track is for those who are seeking an agile edge in designing, executing and leading the strategies that will take their supply chain organization into the future.

You will learn:
  • How to design and develop an organization and talent management approach that is grounded in agility and promotes innovation.
  • What the future of supply chain will look like, and how are leaders engaging internal and external partners to participate in that future.
  • The best practices for managing transformation and innovation in a digital world


Track B
Supply Chain Planning

Companies’ interest in advancing their supply chain planning capabilities remains high, and the expectations on planning teams are very demanding. Planning leaders must maintain a clear vision of the future of their organization’s role in supporting business decision making. At the same time, they must keep strengthening the capabilities that link planning to execution, laying the foundations for next steps in an ever-evolving planning environment. This track offers insights for supply chain leaders on how to balance the requirements of today with the building capabilities of tomorrow.

You will learn:
  • How to link plans and planning decisions to supply chain execution
  • How to keep building foundations for future supply chain planning capabilities
  • How to elevate supply chain planning to a business process
Track C
Sourcing and Procurement

Sourcing and procurement’s role and value drivers will continue to broaden into the 2020s, embracing levers such as external innovation, sustainability and customer satisfaction. In parallel, business demands for speed and agility will challenge established procurement operating models and practices, while digital technologies and automation reshape the function’s activities and the skills required for success. This track explores these evolving trends and considers how sourcing and procurement leaders can prepare their organizations effectively for the integrated, digitally connected supply chains of the future.

You will learn:
  • The future role of sourcing and procurement and how their contributions to business will change
  • How digitalization, technology and automation will support functional transformation
  • The skills and competencies that need to be developed to ensure the right mix of talent
Track D

The blurring of physical and digital worlds creates amazing opportunities for manufacturing operations to boost productivity and contribute to new business models and revenue opportunities. This track addresses the needs of supply chain leaders responsible for manufacturing strategy as well as the needs of their peers seeking to reshape the role that manufacturing operations plays in current and future supply chains

You will learn:
  • How to balance and improve the cost, quality, and capacity utilization while successfully pursuing new, automated, and agile production setups.
  • Tactics for integrating people, processes, technologies, and data from manufacturing operations with the supply chain to support today and tomorrow’s strategies. 
  • How manufacturing leaders have succeeded – and learned from failure – in their initiatives
Track E

The digital implications of tomorrow’s supply chains are widespread across logistics. New methods and speeds of delivery to enhance customer experience (CX) are being thrust upon logistics leadership at ever-increasing speed. Yet pressure to optimize costs remains an essential priority. This track explores the digital logistics strategies, processes, new technologies and partnering with external logistics providers required to lead for tomorrow. 

You will learn:
  •  How to define, develop and deploy digital opportunities across logistics  
  •  How to drive value with external providers, secure capacity and capability
  •  How to discover tactical and innovative ways to balance service delivery options while optimizing 
Track F
Customer Fulfillment

Customer fulfilment and collaboration leaders are at the leading edge of the supply chain — in close proximity to rising customer expectations for enhanced delivery, sustainable practices and quality products and services. As digital and physical supply chains converge, they need to master the “and” of future processes: Delivering improved CX and cost optimization; building relationships and embracing technology; and running today’s operation and innovating to transform to new models. This track focuses on strengthening processes, and building trust and partnerships that help the end-to-end supply chain deliver CX.

You will learn:
  •  How to create a holistic knowledge of customers by partnering across the organization
  •  How to strengthen order-to-cash (O2C) and other processes by scaling digital technology
  •  How to build trust with customers and ecosystem partners to improve CX

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