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Dr. Dirk Holbach
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Dr. Dirk Holbach

Leading the E2E supply chain & operations for Henkel's Consumer Brands division since 2022, with net sales > 10.5 billion EUR. Collaborating with >11.000 associates in 39 factories and 117 logistics centres around the world. As one global team we do not only deliver daily on the classic triangle „cost“, „cash“ and „service“, but also drive a transformation journey along multiple dimensions creating significant business impact. Our aim is to continuously increase the agility & resilience of our global supply chain with the ultimate goal to drive purposeful business growth and serve our consumers and customers at our best.
Supported by three strategic priorities:
▪ Digitalization: continuously accelerating our digital transformation started in 2013; migrating towards a fully connected, real-time and integrated digital ecosystem, proud owner of 4 WEF 4IR Digital Lighthouses
▪ Sustainability: part of my personal agenda and part of our DNA at Henkel; we drive sustainable progress leveraging digitalisation, e.g. reducing our CO2 footprint by 65% since 2005; first sites becoming fully climate-positive in 2021/2022 (electrical & thermal energy)
▪ People & Leadership: at Henkel, we put our people at the center of everything we do; the pandemic has clearly underlined the value of strong individuals collaborating in empowered teams; and we will surely continue to drive a strong people agenda as part of our company transformation.

When not at work, I enjoy spending time with my family, or on a race or mountain bike. I’m also proud having been listed several times in the Top 28 Supply Chain Executives in Europe, being #1 in 2020. If you share my passion for supply chain, operations, digitalization, sustainability and people / leadership, happy to meet you here or during one of the webinars, panels or conferences I regularly participate in.

Supply Chain & Operations Management | Sustainability | M&A | Digital Transformation | Industry 4.0 | Project Leadership | Strategy Development | People Acquisition & Development | Consumer & Luxury Goods | Global Sourcing |
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Tuesday, 06 June, 2023 / 10:15 AM - 10:45 AM CEST
Case Study: Leveraging Digital in a Massive Organizational Transformation

In 2022, Henkel consolidated two business units, essentially a full merger, while simultaneously driving an organizational transformation. This session describes how the company managed the transition and transformation, amongst also usage of digitally enabled technology.

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