Future of Supply Chain: 5 Changes for Supply Chain Leaders to Act on Now

Gartner research reveals that 38% of supply chain leaders are concerned that their supply chains are not well-positioned to handle the challenges of the next two years. Are you prepared?

Download the Future of Supply Chain e-book to discover the supply chain leader’s new imperatives and get specific recommendations to reset supply chain strategy and operations. 

The Future of Supply Chain e-book gives you a look into:

  • Five postpandemic changes for supply chain leaders to act on now
  • A deep dive into the results of our Future of Supply Chain survey of 500+ global supply chain leaders
  • Roadmap/next steps for supply chain transformation

About the Gartner Future of Supply Chain e-book

Gartner surveys of hundreds of supply chain leaders reveal that chief supply chain officers (CSCOs) will need to navigate five major shifts over the next five years. The CSCO’s imperative will be to meet purpose-driven goals whereby product sourcing, manufacturing and delivery processes serve a higher purpose and maintain economic viability.

This guide outlines those new realities, along with specific actions that CSCOs can take to reshape how supply chains organize and operate to prepare for future demands.

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