Marion Matthewman
Case Study

Marion Matthewman

Head of Global Logistics
Marion Matthewman is the Global Head of Production & Supply Centre of Expertise and the Head of Syngenta’s Operating Centre in Manchester, taking on this new role relocating from Switzerland to the UK in 2021.
Previously, Marion held the role of Global Head of Logistics and is immensely proud to have completed the implementation of an industry leading logistics operating model, including a global visibility platform and connection to strategic Logistics 4PL partners. Previous roles held by Marion include Head of Risk Management and Head of Quality Management for Manufacturing sites in the UK.
Dared to be courageous and exploring possibilities by creating an inclusive empowered environment, who made dreams come true, make the impossible - possible.
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Tuesday, 27 September, 2022 / 05:00 PM - 05:30 PM BST
Case Study: How Syngenta’s Inspired Partnership with 4PLs Helped Navigate the Supply Chain Storm

Faced with capacity constraints, a volatile marketplace and pandemic restrictions, global supply chains have endured a seemingly endless convey of disruptions with many logistics leaders looking to 4PLs to be a calming influence. 4PLs are logistics partners who can operate your logistics transactions from start to finish, negotiating for capacity and enabling access with hard-pressed shippers. Join this session and hear Marion Matthewman, Syngenta’s Global Head of Production & Supply Centre of Expertise, detail the inspiration behind Syngenta’s breakthrough operating model, partnering with 4PLs and implementing an operating model that brought visibility to Syngenta’s logistics teams at a crucial moment.

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