Andreas Ekström

Author, Columnist and Commentator on the Digital Revolution

Seven Ways to Own the World

“Seven Ways to Own the World” is an up-to-date expose of seven key future digital issues that we all need to think about more and understand better, to be positioned right for the next five to 10 years. No matter who you are or what you do — this concerns you both as a professional and as a citizen. Mr. Ekström will touch upon the future of finance, the future of digital identity and the democracy factor hidden in the technology we build.

More about Andreas Ekström

Andreas Ekström is an author, columnist and commentator on the digital revolution. He also serves as a digital thought partner for groups of leaders and boards of directors. His passion is to educate for digital equality and he aims to understand the companies and behaviors that have become cultural, technological and commercial drivers of change at all levels of society. Mr. Ekström wants to see a world in which we share the wealth — not only financially, but also in terms of knowledge and influence.