2022 topic highlights

This year’s agenda delivers the latest technology, strategy and leadership insights across 14 key topic areas, covering the challenges most critical to CIOs and their leadership teams. Explore the different sessions available as part of your conference experience.

Architecture, Platforms and Software Engineering

Explore how to build and run applications and platforms that drive digital business strategy. Learn how to modernize legacy systems and accelerate software engineering practices with composable technologies, agile, DevOps and more.

Cloud, Infrastructure and Operations

Optimize cloud business models, leverage edge computing and multicloud to evolve infrastructure and operations. Respond to new geopolitical pressures, such as data sovereignty and security, while managing costs through FinOps. 

Customer and Citizen Experience

Discover how to create superior digital experiences that serve as a sustainable differentiator for customers and citizens. Explore ways to achieve total experience outcomes through linking with employee experience strategies.

Cybersecurity and Risk Management

Reframe cybersecurity as a business issue and manage risks in response to disruption created by rapid changes in the digital world and a volatile geopolitical landscape. Rethink technology to enable composable trust and resilience.

Data, Analytics and AI

Leverage technologies of artificial intelligence (AI) and data and analytics to drive innovation, growth and efficiencies at scale and respond to uncertainty. Move to a data-centric culture of self-service and business analytics.

Digital Business Acceleration

Build, scale, refine and accelerate your digital business strategy. Shift to the next level of creating new products and business models that can change the dynamics of your industry.

Executive Leadership

Discover how to be a transformational leader, influence stakeholders and embrace the evolution of the CIO role. Acquire the competencies to anticipate, prepare and manage disruptions.

Future of Work

Explore digital workplace strategies, frameworks, blended human and AI workforces, and human-centric organizational designs to succeed in this new landscape of work.

Innovation and Disruption

Drive innovation and harness disruption, leveraging emerging technologies and scenario planning to achieve your digital ambitions.

IT Investment and Value

Discover new funding models and cost and financial management frameworks that will help your organization prioritize investments that deliver the highest business value. 

Operating Models

Explore how to align operating models with enterprise and information and technology strategies, as well as adopting new operating models that are a better fit for the current environment. 

Strategic Planning and Execution

Learn how to create and execute dynamic strategies that build resilience and position your organization to thrive.  

Sustainable Business and ESG

Improve quality, scale and prioritize sustainable technology investments and environmental, social and governance (ESG) data that will help your enterprise pursue new growth opportunities, optimize costs and mitigate risks.

Talent, Culture and Change

Learn how to recruit and retain diverse talent and upskill your existing workforce. Create a culture of continuous exploration. Foster diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) as a fundamental lever for motivation and engagement.