Develop your team and benefit from

  • Using the event for team building
  • Providing a learning experience for new team members
  • Hearing a consistent message, and create a unified vision across your team
  • Enabling your team to stay current with the latest providers and their technologies and services
  • Ensuring you don’t miss out on any important content, by dividing the role-based agenda amongst your team
  • Attending your colleagues’ Gartner Expert one-on-one meeting to get specific advice on your most pressing challenges
  • A broad range of content, ranging from strategic leadership-focused topics, right through to more technical topics

Complimentary Registrations

1 for every 4 paid registrations

2 for every 8 paid registrations

3 for every 12 paid registrations

4 for every 16 paid registrations

Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officer

Key challenges:
  • Balancing the need to innovate while business continues as usual
  • Becoming an effective partner with business executives; shifting from ‘order taker’ to ‘trusted advisor’
  • Overcoming the barriers of organizational culture, resources and talent to grow and scale digital initiatives
  • Driving cost optimization to fund digital transformation initiatives, while utilizing new technologies to reimagine business and operating models
  • Shifting from project management to product management

Chief Data Officer, Chief Analytics Officer, VP, Data Analytics

Key challenges:
  • Increase strategic thinking across the organization about data & analytics
  • Find new ways to exploit IT and information to improve business outcomes
  • Finding the right organization mix between structure, processes, influence and culture
  • Driving new innovation within your organization
  • Building the skills necessary to establish yourself as a change agent and leader for data & analytics

CISO, Chief Security Officers, VP IT Security

Key challenges:
  • Transforming security programs to deal with the challenges of digital business
  • Communicating effectively to the board
  • Juggling scarce human and financial resources
  • Measuring and managing the impact of risk on business performance and securing funding for security investments
  • Build security and risk awareness across organization and adapting to bimodal IT

VP/Director Application Strategy, Chief Architects

Key challenges:
  • Building agile architectures to support DevOps, SOA, APIs, cloud-optimized patterns, in-memory computing and context awareness
  • Employing bimodal strategies to renovate and modernize core IT systems
  • Understanding and employing new agile, iterative, dynamic, ecosystem-based building blocks
  • Minimizing organizational change issues while ensuring cultural readiness without added complexity
  • Upskilling team and increasing resources for legacy modernization

VP, IT Infrastructure, VP, Data Center

Key challenges:
  • Moving I&O strategy forward to align with business objectives
  • Optimizing costs and showing ongoing value to the business
  • Meeting business objectives
  • Driving innovation and agility by moving from old to new technologies
  • Empowering I&O leadership with culture change

Group Rate Discount Terms and Conditions

  • Qualifying paid registrations for Gartner Conferences are: cash registrations and paid ticket registrations.
  • A combination of paid tickets and cash registrations may be used to qualify for Group Rate Discount complimentary registrations.
  • Some restrictions may apply to ticket registrations. Contact your Gartner Representative if you have questions.
  • All registrations must be paid in full before complimentary Group Rate Discount registrations can be used.
  • Groups must consist of employees of the same organization and are registered for the same conference.
  • There is a limit of four Group Rate Discount complimentary registrations per organization.
  • The Group Rate Discount is voided by all other group offers and promotions for conference attendance. Time-based registration offers such as early bird are still applicable.
  • The Group Rate Discount Terms and Conditions do not void or supersede Gartner Conference Terms and Conditions. All registrations are subject to the full Conference Terms and Conditions
  • The conference is organized by Gartner, which reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to limit or deny access to any entity or individual. Gartner's receipt of an application and/or payment does not constitute acceptance. Application and payments that are not accepted will be returned.

For more information, email or contact your Gartner Representative.