Bob van Graft
Guest speaker

Bob van Graft

With over 35 years of experience in development within the ICT field, Bob has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience at Defense, Security and Justice, VU University Amsterdam and now as CIO at the CBR. Business continuity, security and talent development are keywords for him.
In his current role responsible for safety and mobility in the Netherlands, where 95% of the Dutch are customers of the CBR. Working on improving and renewing current services. Looking at new developments in the automotive industry. Developing new forms of examining and testing practical exams (digital twin, AI, Data management and visualization). The use of new technology also means looking directly at sustainability. Things like what do you do on-premise and what goes to Multicloud services are choices. Data at the CBR is key; so safety and security comes first. How do you deal with that. In short, a challenging position.
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