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Marc Votteler

Marc Votteler


Before Marc joined Schaeffler in February 2015, he was a Senior Manager at Atos in Germany. Utilizing the capabilities of his international on-, near- and off-shore organization, he significantly supported the quality and cost targets of Atos after the merger with Siemens IT Solutions and Services in 2011. Until this merger Marc was with Siemens for about 20 years, gaining experiences in leadership, product management as well as in the role of a technical expert in different technology-driven organizations including shop floor-related technologies (OT).
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Tuesday, 08 November, 2022 / 12:00 PM - 12:20 PM CET
Executive Insights Stage Session: Geo-Risk Management - A New Core Competency for CIOs?

Over the last years data privacy and information protection laws have been introduced in several countries, and further regulations are to come. There are different strategies behind the respective laws based on individual political intentions.
Furthermore, sanctions on information technologies are used to support national interests and disrupt the established strategies on providing IT services for global enterprises. While 10 years ago utilizing cloud services was limited by the technical capabilities (such as bandwidth and compute power), nowadays the regulatory frame has become the main limiting factor.
Those who adapt their strategies and architectures most effectively will succeed. Those who don't, will face increasing business risks and will potentially fail in maintaining the ability to do business in certain regions.
This session is about three aspects that need to be understood in order to manage geo-political risks in IT for international enterprises.

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