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Scott Petty
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Scott Petty

Chief Digital & IT Officer
Scott Petty is the Chief Digital & IT Officer for Vodafone Technology, part of a newly integrated European Network and Digital & IT team that is driving the transformation to achieve Vodafone’s ambition to become a Technology Communications Company.

Prior to this, Scott was the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Vodafone UK, where he was responsible for operational excellence, delivering enhanced business capability and driving innovation to support business growth. He led key strategic initiatives such as the launch of 5G and the Shared Rural Network scheme.

Scott joined Vodafone in 2009 as Business Products and Services Director and was appointed Group Technology Enterprise Products and Services Director in 2012. Here he led product development across connectivity, IoT and converged communications. During this time, Vodafone established itself as a leader in hosted converged communications and IoT.

In 2015, Scott was appointed Enterprise Technology Director and played an integral role in the success of Vodafone’s Enterprise business by managing all aspects of product development and Enterprise Customer solutions.

Scott is a member of the TM Forum Board of Directors to drive Open Digital Architecture (ODA) and accelerate digital transformation.
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Monday, 07 November, 2022 / 02:45 PM - 03:15 PM CET
Executive Insights: Digital Transformation at Scale – A Fundamental New Way of Working to Drive Growth

The world and telecommunications industry continues to be as fast paced as ever and Vodafone recognises the need to remain competitive, moving faster to surpass competitors. Vodafone has created a strategy to transform Vodafone into a New Generation Telco, an essential stepping-stone to the ultimate ambition to become a Technology Communications Company (Tech Comms) offering a range of products and services beyond connectivity.

In April ’21, Vodafone Technology embarked on their largest transformation yet to make this vision a reality. A critical part of this transformation is the creation of a 16,800+ employee strong pan-European Digital & IT organisation, led by Scott Petty, with the objective of driving velocity, innovation, better products/services for customers and efficiency at scale. This organisation shift brought together the IT functions from 12 European markets of different sizes, varying digital maturity/IT capabilities, ageing IT estates and differing cultures, together to work as one team on common objectives while maintaining local market business agility.

Scott will share his views on what it takes for a traditional, non-digital native organisation to become a Tech Comms company and his personal insights on implementing a new operating model at scale – the highlights, the challenges and lessons learned.

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