The World’s Most
Important Gathering of
CIOs and IT Executives™

2 – 4 March 2020 | Dubai, UAE

Cancellation of
Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo 2020 in Dubai

27 February 2020

Due to ongoing concerns about the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19), Gartner has decided to cancel IT Symposium/Xpo, scheduled to take place in Dubai, March 2 – 4, 2020. 

Ensuring the health and safety of our customers and employees is our highest priority. Therefore, out of an abundance of caution, we believe this is the right decision given the evolving public health risks.

We have contacted all registered attendees, exhibitors, and partners with details for their individual situations. If you were registered for the conference and need additional assistance please contact us at

Leading the Digital Society in the Middle East

The pace of new disruptive technologies continues to accelerate in the Middle East. New innovations in artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, IoT, customer experience, multi-cloud and hybrid management, security and other technologies are hard to balance with the demands of the daily business.

Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo® is the definitive platform for the latest in technology research, fresh ideas and bold new approaches needed to power your digital leadership and business strategy. Learn to make decisions with confidence and explore new ways to tackle critical challenges. 

Join us for data-driven insights, proven strategies and practical advice and experience immediate impact.

Technology & Information

Examine the opportunities and risks in adopting emerging technologies, such artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and digital twins to help shape and accelerate your digital transformation journey.


Challenge how you think about leadership in a digital society and discover new approaches for each level of leadership and the organization culture as a whole.

Business Strategy

Enterprise business model success requires strategies and tactics to make complex business challenges simpler. Discover business strategy tools and techniques to turn complexity and chaos into real strategy execution initiatives.

The Gartner difference

Gartner is the world’s leading research and advisory company. We equip leaders and their teams in every major business function with the indispensable insights, advice and tools to achieve their mission-critical priorities today and build the successful organizations of tomorrow. Across every industry and enterprise size, Gartner provides the expertise needed to tackle your key initiatives, stay ahead of competition and grow your organization’s value.

Join the region’s most influential community of CIOs and IT executives

If you’re a thinker, planner, collaborator and innovator — a change maker who always delivers — then Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo™ is the conference for you. It’s the world’s most important gathering of:

CIOs who are or want to become progressive thinkers or creative disruptors — who want to lead with confidence and inspire their teams and business stakeholders through transformative business models, new practices and cultures.

IT executives who are ambitious and outward-looking — who want to be agile and experimental, and are focused on executing on their mission-critical priorities with early technology adoption from the latest industry-specific insights.

Topics at a Glance

Our topic-focused agenda covers challenges most critical to CIOs and their leadership teams. As we continue to finalize our 2020 agenda, preview some of the featured topics that are covered at Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo.

Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics

The rate of technology change is accelerating. Explore how to move to a culture of self-service business analytics in a world of big data, with machine learning techniques, natural language interfaces and a focus on data storytelling.

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Emerging and Disruptive Technologies

The rate of technology change is accelerating. IT executives must identify and capitalize on trends that drive significant change, while making sufficient changes in their risk management and operating models. Dive into blockchain, the Internet of Things, AI and robotic process automation to truly transform your organization.

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Security, Risk and Compliance

Information-centric security practices are still the dominant responsibility of most security organizations, but this fails to account for the increasing impact of technology use in other areas of business. Explore the risks brought by the digital revolution and how to adapt your IT security requirements to encompass digital and cyber-physical needs.

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Leadership, People and Culture

Succeeding in a digital business world requires a workforce that is inspired, engaged and ready to take on new ways of working. Learn how to differentiate cultural characteristics from operating model constructs, and recruit and retain the talent needed to succeed in a highly competitive business environment.

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Customer and User Experience

Customers are more empowered than ever before, comparing experiences across industries and forcing regulators and governments to be more accountable. With customer experience (CX) management at the top of most CEOs’ agendas, discover how to create a superior CX that serves as a sustainable differentiator.

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Digital Business Transformation

Technology and intelligence are embedded in everything in the digital business of the future. Discover the steps needed to achieve digital transformation for your organization, and understand how to align the physical and digital worlds for employees, partners and customers.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI — along with other elements of data and analytics — is creating a new form of work: the augmented skill set. Explore how people-based intelligence is being enhanced and extended with new automation skills to save time and money, and innovating capabilities to drive solutions to current and new challenges

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Cloud and Infrastructure Strategy

The cloud has evolved from a technical transformation tool to a business transformation tool that provides an agile and scalable platform for innovation. However, the complexity of this environment has increased progressively. Discover how to build competitive advantage by constantly adapting your strategies to leverage cloud capabilities.

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Cost Optimization and Investment Strategies for Growth

Examine how organizations, particularly those being disrupted by digital business or under severe economic pressure, can look at cost optimization more holistically and step away from using IT cost cutting as a business growth strategy.

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Future of Work

A variety of influences are converging to dramatically change the nature of work in the next decade. Explore how AI and machine learning, nonstop data delivery and “work from anywhere” model are intersecting with changing workforce models, putting a premium on employee agility and digital dexterity.

Innovation Management

True innovators don’t just innovate, they fundamentally shift the dynamics of their environments. Learn how to successfully engage with disruption and in turn shape organizational dynamics, strategic planning, investment priorities and technologies used to drive the future of business.

Strategic Planning and Execution

Digital business demands new strategic planning approaches that fuse business and IT strategies and encompass all technology across the enterprise. Successful execution requires communication, alignment and the right success metrics. Learn how to create and execute adaptive strategies that position your organization to thrive in uncertain times.

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