2020 topic highlights

Take a deep dive into ways to incorporate IT at the heart of your organization’s core leadership strategy.

Security and Risk
Adapt your IT security requirements to combat risks brought by the digital revolution.

Customer Experience
Create a superior customer experience that serves as a sustainable differentiator. 

Work, People and Culture
Develop a culture to empower your team, with the right mix of skills, competencies and experience

Emerging and Advanced Technologies
Explore how to identify and capitalize on trends that are driving significant change.

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
Take a close look at new strategies, skills, roles and methods to manage and analyze data with confidence. 

Engage with disruption to shape organizational dynamics, strategic planning, investment priorities and technologies.

Cost Optimization
Take a look at cost optimization more holistically, moving away from using IT cost cutting as a business growth strategy.

Digital Transformation, Platforms and Strategy 
Achieve digital transformation, aligning the physical and digital worlds for employees, partners and customers. 

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