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From APIs to Digital Platforms: API Economy Lessons for Building an Ecosystem

Having an active ecosystem over and API-rich platform will give you solutions you would never have time or budget for internally. However ecosystems must be nurtured and managed. Learn how successful ecosystems are built in the API economy.


Top Trends in Application Architecture That Enable Your Digital Business Transformation

Dive into the top trends in application architecture that can help you modernize your application estate and enable your digital business transformation, as well as how adopting these trends will impact your organization.

Managing an Application Portfolio Demands More Than Application Portfolio Management

Managing a complex and aging application portfolio to meet all today's operational requirements while simultaneously modifying that portfolio to meet the demands of digital business is a herculean task. Get practical advice on the three critical disciplines necessary for successful application management.

Key Trends in AI Applications

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, most notably machine learning, conversational user experiences, and computer vision, are being applied across different industries. In this session, we provide an overview of the key AI application trends as well as case studies and the value enterprises are finding. 

A CXO's Perspective on the Opportunities and Limits of AI

It's easy to hear great visions for what AI could do. It's more important to come and learn of its practical accomplishments and core limitations, as well as what Gartner clients are actually doing with AI technologies.


Your Artificial Intelligence Strategy Is Ready

Organizations tend to feel they're behind their cohort in using artificial intelligence, but a strategy itself remains elusive for many organizations. Some don't need one, and some can get started. Find out which you are and how best to proceed.


Managing the Risk of Artificial Intelligence

CIOs will need a risk management plan to guide their investments in artificial intelligence. CIOs should compare the business value of AI opportunities, their willingness to accept risks, and the cost to manage AI risk to acceptable levels

The Blockchain Scenario

The blockchain scenario establishes a frame of reference and working model for the evolution of blockchain. Get guidance for the future and establishes a roadmap to address the challenges and opportunities afforded by decentralized, tokenized and distributed operations.


What the CIO Needs to Know About Blockchain Security and Privacy Risks

Blockchain has become a much-hyped technology with a lot of potential. Yet, with cyber threats and data breaches, is this technology secure? As blockchain starts to impact the world, CIOs must understand the security and privacy implications.


How Will Blockchain Affect Your Business Model?

Blockchain's effects on an enterprise's business model can range from the mundane (lower costs for transactions) to the profound (destruction of the enterprise's value proposition). This presentation will examine the effects of blockchain on the enterprise.


Maverick: The Illusion of Exterminating Central Power with Blockchain

Blockchain ecosystems do not disintermediate existing intermediation platforms. We will live in a world with new complex intermediaries. See what this new world will look like with recyclable trust systems, and new intermediation with fluid and adaptable rules.

Top Trends in Analytics That Will Change Your Business

AI is not the only thing driving rapid change in data and analytics. From the next generation of augmented analytics tools to the use of continuous intelligence to interpret streams of data from IoT or the potential of intuitive interfaces, there is rapid evolution in how and where analysis can be deployed.


Magic Quadrant: Data Science and Machine Learning

Get an overview of the critical capabilities you should look for in a Data Science and Machine Learning Platform. Explore the key trends in data science and machine learning and see how they are shaping vendor platforms.


Centaur Intelligence: People and Machines, Enter the Era of Learning

Centaur intelligence involves people and machines, but the head is always human. What's hard for people is easy for AI; what's hard for AI is easy for people. Figure out what people are good at, and how AI can augment them — to enter the era of machine learning and human learning.


Making Digital Business More Intelligent — Secrets of Success for a More Data-Driven Culture

Explore critical aspects of leading data-driven success, including: how does curiosity help us identify and communicate the measurable business value of data? How does data and analytics capability help us to inject "think" into every aspect of the business? How do you communicate identified business challenges with courage and sensitivity?

The Cloud Computing Scenario: Strategy and Tactics to Live by, 2018

Cloud strategy has assumed a position of dominance in cloud discussions as organizations figure out where to start and how to get step-by-step support. This session will explore the current state of cloud computing and examine an approach for tying cloud strategy to cloud execution success.


Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

Public cloud IaaS continues to grow as not only an alternative to in-house physical assets, but also as an enablement platform for newly conceived digital business applications. This session details the most recent Magic Quadrant, which highlights the technologies and providers in the market.


The Journey to the Mix: Private Cloud, Public Cloud and Edge

I&O leaders need to modernize for existing applications while adding support for agile development, rapid and real-time scaling, and low-latency analytics. Infrastructures of the future will span enterprise data centers, cloud and the intelligent edge – enabled and managed by I&O.


The Top 10 Cloud Myths

Whether they revolve around security concerns or cost savings, cloud myths primarily serve to impede innovation and distract us from real progress toward digital business. We highlight some of the most dangerous and misleading cloud myths and how to move beyond them.

Three-Year Roadmap for Cost Optimization

CIOs are under continuing pressure to cut costs or deliver more with fewer resources. CIOs can use the concept of this roadmap as a communication device to socialize and gain buy-in from enterprise partners for evolving the enterprise's IT cost optimization initiatives.


21st Century IT Budgeting: Distributing Responsibility for IT Spending

IT must transparently connect costs to business outcomes. But it’s the responsibility of business executive to choose the IT services and service levels they need based on a cost-benefit analysis. Get a blueprint for putting IT spending decisions to where they belong.


CIO Cheat Sheet for SaaS Contracting

Many SaaS providers present their contracts as non-negotiable. In reality, the majority of providers will negotiate their contractual terms. This session runs through the top terms to consider in your SaaS contract, so you can prioritize the negotiation in line with your specific business requirements.

Superior Customer Experience — The Winner Takes It All

In 2018, the organization with the best customer experience is being disproportionately rewarded. So what are those with the superior customer experiences doing differently, how have they turned their vision into reality and how can you adopt their best practices to also come out on top?


Customer Experience Technology Foundations

Superior CX is top of mind for CEOs, so providing the technology foundation to deliver that must be top of mind for CIOs. Explore the technologies which serve as systems of record, systems of differentiation, and systems of innovation for building a superior customer experience.


Powering Digital Business: The Future of Commerce

An online commerce experience that is efficient and customer-friendly is no longer a differentiator — it is mandatory. Business leaders and CIOs must focus on the future of digital commerce to differentiate today — one which solves problems, is anticipatory and is pervasive when and where customers need it.

The Digital Transformation Journey: Evolving From Optimization to Disruption

Many organizations don't have a digital transformation roadmap. Since "digital transformation" can mean so many different things, organizations must match a transformational strategy to outcomes that range from optimization to disruption, accounting for costs, risks, benefits, and cultural requirements along the way.


Top Challenges to Transforming Your Operating Model to Digital and How to Overcome Them

Moving to a Digital Operating Model is a major transformation with many work streams spanning multiple years. This session addresses transformation challenges and how to overcome them, including organizational change management and workforce/talent issues.


Scaling High Performance Teams: Time to Transform

There is more demand and more uncertainty — within IT but even more importantly when teams span the business/IT boundary. Explore what team successes to learn from and what failures you can avoid; best practices for successful high-performance team; and how the team approach be scaled up.


Bringing Style and Focus to Ecosystems

You can’t scale digital business efficiently without ecosystems. Learn how CIOs can help business leaders scale digital business by designing ecosystems with style and focus.

The Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2019

These 10 trends significant disruptive potential, and set the stage for innovation over the next five years. Examine the business impact of these trends and learn how to adjust business models and operations appropriately.


The AI Revolution: Learn Then Leap

AIs potential to augment human effort will make it pervasive in our lives. This session will help CIOs develop a board-ready AI strategy and investment plan appropriate for their enterprise.


Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies

Organizations are facing a storm of digital disruption that has significantly changed how technology is envisioned, built and consumed. CIOs must understand these emerging technologies to ascertain the impacts they will have on their business.


Creating Successful Digital Business Innovation With IoT

Discover how the CIO can lead the business to discover IoT opportunities, how to achieve business buy-in, best practices and organizational structures to make IoT innovation a success, and pitfalls to avoid.

Strategic Roadmap to Architect a Digital Business Technology Platform

A digital business technology platform is built, not bought. CIOs must lead their organization toward a multigrained mesh app and service architecture, paired with an enterprisewide, pervasive integration competency to build their digital business technology platform.


How To Use Event-Driven Computing for Continuously Intelligent Digital Business

Organizations depend on event-driven algorithmic decisions but face challenges in adopting event thinking. Explore use cases for the event-driven model; learn how to adapt events into your roadmap for digital transformation; and learn event thinking is, and how IT leaders can overcome its challenges.


A Framework for Applying AI in the Enterprise

Enterprise leaders are often not sure where or how Artificial Intelligence (AI) best fits into their organizations, and how to apply it. This session outlines the technologies, the common applications, and examples of deployments so you can spot quick wins while building longer-term strategic investments.

2019 Top 10 Trends and Technologies Impacting I&O

The balance of maintaining existing operations, while adapting to the increasing introduction of new technologies, leaves little time to look beyond short planning horizons. Explore emerging trends in both business and technology, and learn how to enable IT leaders to get ahead of the curve.


Is "Serverless" the Future of Servers? — A CIOs Guide to Serverless Computing

Serverless computing is an emerging software architectural pattern that promises to eliminate the need for some key infrastructure & operations activities. This session will explain how serverless is different from other technologies and offer best practices on how to mobilize teams to support this technology.


Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

Public cloud IaaS continues to grow as not only an alternative to in-house physical assets, but also as an enablement platform for newly conceived digital business applications. This session details the most recent Magic Quadrant, which highlights the technologies and providers in the market.


The Future of Infrastructure and Operations Design in a Product-Oriented World

Few I&O leaders are prepared for delivering the adaptive, product-oriented business solutions critical to digital business platform success. Learn about the new I&O operating model and how to achieve better alignment with the business through improved organization design.

Harnessing the Collective Powers of Digital Disruption, Innovation and Transformation

Most organizations have an innovation or transformation effort. Yet these efforts often face the impact of disruption. Disruption can be an opportunity as well as a threat. Explore the roles of disruption and innovation – both integral to digital transformations.


How to Scale Innovation Beyond Pretty Prototypes

There has been a lot of focus on the front end of innovation. But what about the back end, when an idea has been proven and now needs to be scaled? Too many ideas — many of them useful, some of them transformative — die at this scaling stage. Learn how to overcome scaling obstacles.


The Top Myths About Digital Disruption

The pace of innovation and disruption challenges CIOs’ ability to thrive in digital business. With these terms being overused, along with hype and confusion, there are many misleading myths. We identify the most dangerous myths and how to move beyond them.


Seven Digital Disruptions You Might Not See Coming

Coping with disruption requires the ability to recognize, prioritize, and respond in the right way. This presentation examines how CIOs can evaluate, track, and plan for 7 major disruptions using Gartner’s Digital Disruption toolkit.

Creating Successful Digital Business Innovation With IoT

This presentation examines how the CIO can lead the business to discover IoT opportunities, how to achieve business buy-in, best practices and organizational structures to make IoT innovation a success, and pitfalls to avoid.


The Emerging Technologies That Will Drive the Future of IoT

Technology innovation will drive new IoT opportunities for a decade. Examples include on-chip identity, security, and AI; novel wireless networks; IoT blockchains; and 5G. Understand and harness the future of IoT technology to enable new business opportunities.


Magic Quadrant: Industrial IoT Platforms

Industrial IoT is becoming a significant component of and a major contributor to the digital business initiatives across industrial companies. IIoT, as a whole, is still an immature market, however. Learn how to spott the gaps between vendor marketing and reality. 

Creating a Culture That Is Ready for Anything

The only thing that is certain about the digital future is that enterprises will be required to transform quickly and often. But most enterprise transformations fail because of their culture. Take the challenge of continuous transformation by developing a culture that is ready for anything.


A Practical Approach to Presenting to the Board of Directors for CIOs

Some CIOs say, "Every presentation in front of the board is an opportunity to get fired." Board presentations are often high stress encounters for CIOs and other executives. This session will present practical tips and techniques for dealing with board presentations, from reporting status to dealing with digital discussions.


2019 CIO Agenda: Driving Business Model Transformation

CEOs are reimagining business models. Deploying it at scale, is a challenge all CIOs will have to rise to, but the barriers can seem daunting. This session highlights what CIOs need to do to reimagine and implement business model change at scale.


Transform the IT Workforce to Propel Your Digital Business

Talent and skills are the top internal constraints to digital business growth. In this session, learn about market trends and best practices in planning, acquiring and developing IT talent and skills in support of digital business.

Aligning Security and Risk Management With the Bimodal Enterprise

As more enterprises embrace bimodal IT, security and risk leaders face challenges to adapt. This presentation will use concrete use cases to explain how IT leaders can adapt their short-term and long-term security practices to support bimodal IT at enterprise scale.


The CIO Guide to API Security: Enabling Innovation Without Enabling Attacks and Data Breaches

APIs are used to enable partners to interact directly with your digital business platform. However, APIs, by their nature, enable access to data and application functionality which otherwise would be locked away. Therefore, they must be secured. In this session, we examine the current state of API security.


Adopt a Lean Digital Security Organization to Mitigate the Skills Shortage

Organizations are trying to grow their digital security teams. However, this also means that the existing shortage in qualified, experienced security people is increasing. See how taking a "lean" approach to staffing the security team can help alleviate this challenge.


Managing the Risk of Artificial Intelligence

CIOs will need a risk management plan to guide their investments in artificial intelligence. CIOs should compare the business value of AI opportunities, their willingness to accept risks, and the cost to manage AI risk to acceptable levels.

How IT Leaders Can Create a Culture That Performs

Culture is the #1 barrier to digital transformation cited by CIOs. This session prepares IT leaders to drive the culture their organizations need to meet strategic objectives.


Hype Cycle for Digital Workplace

CIOs must creatively balance the needs of individuals and teams against those of the organization. Learn how to prioritize your workplace technology selection and explore approaches that progressive organizations are deploying to harness the power of their workforce.


Future-Proof Your Workforce With Digital Dexterity

Boosting the digital dexterity of your workforce is an essential imperative to prosper in a time of turmoil. This presentation helps leaders to develop a digital dexterity program that targets individuals, teams and the broader organization.


How We Will Work in 2025

Emerging technologies, along with substantial demographic and societal change will have a substantial impact on how work gets done over the next seven years. Forecast the most substantial changes in how we work and get guidance on the best ways to prepare for, and exploit these significant transformations.

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