The General Manager's Guide to Product Portfolio Success

As a general manager and product portfolio leader in a tech organization, you’re at the epicenter of product strategy. You’re measured by your ability to drive momentum and demonstrate results. Success rides on continuously gathering objective market insights to make portfolio decisions quickly, and on understanding what’s disrupting core and new markets. You’re defining product vision and innovation, acquiring and retaining customers, keeping your eye on organic growth and improving sales effectiveness to ensure revenue growth. You’re doing all of this while also continuing to align all stakeholders to your vision, from peers and partners to customers. How can you balance these critical responsibilities?


Read the research designed to help you answer this question, and explore related sessions at Gartner Tech Growth & Innovation Conference 2019 for a deeper dive in today's most pressing issues for General Managers.

Research: 3 Steps to Build a Local Talent Analytics Capability to Accelerate Talent Decisions

Product organizations need to dynamically change their talent strategies given the current shortage of talent in the market. Talent analytics can help you prioritize the right talent issues and address them quickly. Ensure that your organization moves from a reactive to a predictive model of talent management at the earliest opportunity.



Related agenda track for General Managers at Gartner Tech Growth & Innovation Conference
Track A: Lead Portfolio Innovation and Expansion

Sustained revenue and market share growth is a challenge for any technology company. General managers and portfolio leaders need foresight to predict and navigate the shifts in technologies, markets and models that have or will destabilize their “cash cow” businesses, take the organization in new directions while also meeting shorter-term organizational commitments. This track takes a data-and-analytics-driven deep dive to identify the highest growth and profitability opportunities for providers.


What you’ll learn in the sessions in this track:


•       High-growth opportunities and competitive strategies

•       Problem solving for outcomes across market silos

•       Pragmatic approaches to enable continuous innovation in talent, leadership and culture

•       How to unlock value from acquisitions, networks and platforms 



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