Product Marketing That Keeps Up With Changing Customer Needs

As a product marketer, you’re focused on how markets are changing and what that means for the competitive landscape, and on recognizing growth opportunities and areas of decline. You’re constantly exploring marketing strategies to follow your customers’ changing needs, accelerate the sales cycle, increase sales success and drive customer retention. How do you manage to do all of this while also positioning your product to set your organization apart from the competition?


Read the research that answers these critical questions facing product marketers today. Then explore related sessions at Tech Growth & Innovation Conference 2019 for the best insights for your role.

Research: Tech Go-to-Market: A Practical Guide to Market Segmentation

Technology product marketers are looking for a structured approach to develop clearly defined target segments. This is a critical element of marketing success that’s becoming even more important with the increased emphasis on personalization and account-based marketing (ABM) approaches, as well as the need for the consideration of data readiness when architecting segmentation strategies.



Article: 12 Disruptive Technology Trends That Impact Marketing Strategy

Do these three things to lead technology-driven strategic innovation and stay ahead of emerging trends: model and explore future scenarios, distinguish improvements from disruptions, and take a holistic, outside-in view. Then, apply them to 12 emerging trends across price, product, promotion and place.



Related agenda track for Product Marketers at Gartner Tech Growth & Innovation Conference 
Track C: Customer-Centric Marketing for Success

Product marketers must understand market dynamics and provide value throughout the buying cycle in order to attract buyers and keep their attention. Explore how to align your sales and marketing efforts to meet the needs of today’s buyers. Discover go-to-market (GTM) best practices, increase your impact with account-based marketing programs, and learn how to better attract and retain customers.


What you’ll learn in the sessions in this track:


  • How to develop demand generation and account-based marketing programs to increase marketing impact
  • How you can enable sales to increase win rates and deal velocity
  • The best ways to build customer success programs that drive retention and growth
  • How to differentiate by applying disruptive elements to go-to-market practices



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