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Today’s technology, telecom and service provider CEO faces many challenges. Increased competition from new companies and organizations outside your industry, and as a result from mergers and acquisitions, create a dynamic market environment. Emerging technologies and changing buyer needs require tech providers to continually reinvent their organizations for both sustainability and growth.

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Related agenda track for Tech CEOs at Gartner Tech Growth & Innovation Conference

Track A: Capturing Market Share Rapidly

Winning — and sometimes surviving — is about making the right investment decisions and maximizing resources. Growing market share fast matters most in today’s tech environment. The genius lies in scaling while optimizing the path to growth. Get insights on scaling success in times of economic uncertainty and scarce resources.

Address your most pressing challenges.

  • Identify opportunities to gain competitive advantage and invest for growth during shifting times
  • Prepare your business model to scale while meeting the priorities of today
  • Drive brand awareness, customer adoption and retention
  • Build effective partnerships and ecosystems
  • Attract and retain top talent in a competitive market


Recommended sessions for tech CEOs

  • Three Scalable Sales Models that Drive Product and Services Growth; Michele Buckley, Sr Director Analyst
  • How to Build or Leverage an Ecosystems and Marketplace to Gain Rapid Market Share; Julian Poulter, Sr Director Analyst
  • Can We Automate Growth?; Neil Barton, VP Analyst

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