Today, technology product and service providers (TSPs) face many converging turns like economic uncertainty, shifting buying behaviors, unprecedented technology disruption, talent shortages and unanticipated competition. Leading through these changes involves making decisions in a dynamic environment — which Gartner calls “a turn.” A turn changes the status quo and shakes up the positions of market players.

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Key  Findings

  • Winning in the turns demands giving attention and action to three key pillars: cost, strategy and talent.
  • To succeed in these turns, the organization must be built to sense changing customer behavior and measure the right data.
  • Financial management during a “turn” requires a delicate balance between short-term cash generation, future growth and innovation, excess cost reduction and pricing strategy.
  • A multiskilled team with a culture of innovation is a requirement for companies that wish to build an effective product management function for the future.

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