Tech Growth & Innovation Conference Tracks Overview

Refresh your business strategy to scale for success at Gartner Tech Growth & Innovation Conference, 18 - 19 May in London UK, where we have 4 tracks dedicated to your 2020 mission-critical priorities.

Gain the confidence you need to change processes and practices and adjust to the shifting market to sustain competitive advantage. View the 2020 tracks and sessions below.

Winning - and sometimes surviving, is about making the right investment decisions and maximizing the effectiveness of scarce resources. Growing market share fast is the success measure that matters most in today’s tech environment. The genius lies in scaling while optimizing the path to growth. This track provides key insights on scaling success in times of economic uncertainty and scarce resources. 

Session highlights:

  • Identifying opportunities to gain competitive advantage and invest for growth during shifting times
  • Preparing your business model to scale while meeting the priorities of today
  • Driving brand awareness, customer adoption and retention
  • Building effective partnerships and ecosystems
  • Attracting and retaining talent in a competitive market

Making bold shifts to leap the competition means anticipating market opportunities and delivering product innovation that prevents new, even unanticipated challengers. In today’s tech landscape, defending against only known competitors is a losing strategy. Winning tech providers will seize opportunities by taking the offense and leaving little room for vulnerability. This track will help you learn how to redefine your products and portfolios to progress beyond differentiation and move closer to unbeatable. 

Session highlights:

  • Managing the evolution of existing products, new capabilities and innovation while also preparing for expansion into new markets​ 
  • Adapting the product portfolio to respond to changing market conditions driven by digital, as a services delivery, cloud and analytics​
  • Directing investments across the portfolio to align with anticipated buying journeys to maximize profitable growth

Technology innovation is accelerating. New competitors and new business models abound. And shifts in buyer priorities are continuing to proliferate. As a result, buyers are constantly reworking their technology plans and shopping for new innovation. Providers must seek to earn business that translates to high quality deals from buyers that will convert to high value customers. This track will help you adjust go-to-market practices and win in this shifting environment.

Session highlights:

  • Shifts in the buying and customer lifecycles 
  • Demand Generation
  • Using storytelling to create value
  • Sales and buyer enablement
  • Customer success and advocacy
  • Agile marketing
  • Managing change and differentiating by applying disruptive elements to GTM practices

Emerging technologies and trends play a significant role in disrupting current markets and creating new ones. It is vital for technology and service providers to seize emerging technologies and leverage them innovatively and effectively at the right time. This track focuses on the latest technologies and trends that you need to capitalize on for outsized growth and market leadership. 

Session highlights:

  • Top emerging technologies that TSPs need to pay attention to
  • Key opportunities and challenges for emerging technologies in their prime
  • Adoption and investment patterns and what responses do they require from TSPs