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Donna Warton
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Donna Warton

Corporate Vice President, Windows + Devices Supply Chain & Sustainability, Microsoft
Donna Warton leads the global supply chain and sustainability for Microsoft Window + Devices responsible for managing the end-to-end supply chain operations and sustainability for software, gaming, and hardware product lines including Surface, Surface Hub, HoloLens, Xbox and PC Accessories. The supply chain ships 65M units annually serving 122 markets and supports over $50B in revenue across several Microsoft business units. Windows + Devices has become a core part of Microsoft’s strategy to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.
Prior to joining Microsoft, Donna held various executive positions at Dell, Mettler-Toledo, and Motorola where she took on leading significant transformations. During her time at Dell, she implemented the transformation of Dell’s famous configure to order supply chain to include fixed offers as well as created segmented supply chain models to match customer needs on cost, lead time and customization. At Motorola, she ran the supply chain that launched RAZR, which at its peak was shipping 100 million units a year. She accomplished many firsts for the mobile phone industry, including color product offers which started with the Pink RAZR, outsourced China manufacturing, and improved profitability from supply chain services, like direct to store delivery, to Operator and Retail customers.
Donna has a passion for business and building great teams. You can read about her leadership journey in the book, From Source to Sold, Stories of Leadership in Supply Chain. In 2019, Microsoft Devices Supply Chain won the Talent Diversity Champion Award from Gartner recognizing the team’s diversity of women and minorities. Donna currently sits on several advisory boards, including Gartner’s Chief Supply Chain Officer board, SAP Supply Chain Board, and Boom!, a global community for women in supply chain.
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Monday, May 08, 2023 / 02:15 PM - 03:00 PM EDT
Guest Keynote: Microsoft’s Sustainability Journey: Embedded, Empowered and Connected

Microsoft has committed to being carbon negative by 2030, as part of its broader sustainability agenda. Donna Warton, CVP Devices and Sustainability, will describe the company’s journey as it shifts toward making those commitments a reality. Donna will share how Microsoft embeds sustainability into the way it works, best practices on leveraging technology for progress, and key learnings on driving goals through a broader ecosystem.

Tuesday, May 09, 2023 / 11:45 AM - 12:30 PM EDT
Case Study Roundtable: Driving Individual & Collective Progress

Supply chains have a tremendous opportunity to drive collective progress, particularly in ESG. Ecosystem partnerships require scale to be effective, however. In this case study roundtable, Donna Warton, CVP Devices and Sustainability at Microsoft will share her journey to build a 10-year scope 3 emissions reduction roadmap and the clarity and structure it has forced, despite uncertainty. This includes working with immediate value chain partners in addition to the broader ecosystem. Together with peers, learn and share how we can overcome frictions to progress through new organizational strategies and governance, and by redefining what is “precompetitive.”

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