Expert Insight Video: A Reset Framework for Marketers

Organizations continue to adapt marketing efforts in the wake of COVID-19. However, the path to recovery is not linear. CMOs must navigate an unpredictable business environment, uncertain customer behavior and budget cuts. In this video, learn how to navigate recovery with the Gartner Reset Framework.

  • Respond. In this phase, marketers focus on operational continuity and survival. They may make immediate cuts to current marketing investments and identify areas of cost savings and optimization.
  • Recover. As marketers begin to recover, they focus their attention on customer retention over acquisition. They continue to rationalize marketing spend and assess digital marketing efforts for effectiveness.
  • Renew. In this last phase, marketers look to the horizon and return their focus on business growth objectives. They redefine their marketing strategy and rethink what it means to market to customers in a postpandemic future.