How Logistics Can Thrive Despite Economic Uncertainty and Industry Change

While some organizations stand still in the face of economic uncertainty, successful organizations prepare to take calculated risks. Logistics leaders can use this research to prepare for technology disruptors, waste elimination and upskill their teams to navigate uncertainty and change.

Key  Findings

  • Strategic decision making leans more toward sheltering the organization from the effects of disruptions that can restrict potential growth enablers and constrain logistics investments during these periods.
  • During turbulent times, organizations tend to focus on defensive cost reduction activities which often directly impact logistics and can be detrimental to service standards and customer experience.
  • When facing a potential downturn, employee head count — particularly for logistics operations, which tends to have a high head count — is the first to be reviewed and cut even though healthy, high-performing teams are essential to winning in the turns.

Gartner recommends security and risk leaders should do the following: 

  • Harness opportunities for growth and progression during these “turns” by developing strategies to leverage the positive aspects of potential technology disruptions.
  • Optimize the organization’s logistics performance by focusing on the removal of waste elements from within the logistics function.
  • Ensure you have a winning logistics team that can navigate turns by developing the best in-house resources and capabilities as well as enhancing those skills by attracting top talent from competitors.