Known Fraudulent Hotel Providers & Unauthorized Solicitors

It is possible that you may receive phone calls, emails or see websites from unaffiliated organizations and individuals who claim to be acting on behalf of Gartner and offer assistance booking a hotel room for the conference. Please note that Gartner has not authorized them, or anyone else, to contact you on our behalf.

Fraudulent hotel providers that have been identified include, but are not limited to:

  • Conference Connects
  • Exhibition Housing Management
  • E-hoteliers
  • Trade Show Planners
  • Business Trip Planners
  • Reservation Center Online
  • Prime Hotel Booking

To Be Safe

Conference attendees should not share any personal information, including credit card information, with these groups and should follow the booking instructions on the conference’s Venue page to make all hotel reservations.

Booking with unknown service providers exposes you to the risk of incurring fraudulent credit card charges as well as not actually having a valid reservation for the conference. If you are contacted by a fraudulent service provider, please email Gartner at