Known Fraudulent List/Ticket Providers & Unauthorized Solicitors 

It is possible that you may receive phone calls, emails or see websites from unaffiliated organizations and individuals who claim to be acting on behalf of Gartner and/or able to sell conference attendee lists or tickets. Gartner has not authorized them, or anyone else, to contact you on our behalf. For more details please review Gartner’s registration Terms & Conditions.

Fraudulent providers that have been identified include, but are not limited to:

  • B2B Shows List
  • Campaign Propellant
  • Conference Consulting Home
  • Email Enhancers
  • Excel Bix Techs
  • Expo DB
  • Fine List Info
  • FlyBirdHub
  • Good Sign Tech
  • Inbox Leads
  • Lead Connection
  • Leads Pioneer
  • Map Data Solutions
  • Micropro Hub
  • MSP Channels
  • NTA
  • Ocean Digital eHub
  • Prusuit Markets 
  • Reach Executives
  • Sequents Global
  • Streamline
  • Tech Online Biz
  • Technologi Search
  • Visitors Data Info

To Be Safe

Conference attendees should not share any personal information, including credit card information, with these groups.

If you have questions or would like to report a scam attempt, please email