Build a Data-Driven Enterprise

Building a data-driven enterprise is not just about encouraging the use of data in decision-making. Data and analytics leaders must lead development of the correct competencies and rebalance work to be consistent with their enterprise's ambitions for generating information value.


Key Challenges
  • Digital business thrives on data and the analysis of data, yet many enterprises find their ambitions inhibited by their earlier behaviors. They treated data and analytics as supportive and secondary to their business initiatives.
  • Many enterprises lack an organizational focus on data and analytics. Many still have not named an executive to be responsible for the optimization of data and analytics and the development of related enterprise competencies.
  • Data and analytics organizations have traditionally focused on delivering services for projects rather than building and distributing enterprisewide competencies. They should instead foster communities of practice and try to collaborate to achieve the results they desire.
To create a data and analytics program in line with the enterprise’s data-driven ambitions, data and analytics leaders, especially CDOs, Gartner recommends:
  • Create a vision of a data-driven decision making enterprise that makes sense to your peers. Provide a context to change the organization’s operating model by identifying and prioritizing information-based outcomes, such as monetizing data assets, establishing data governance and improving decision-making capabilities through data analytics.
  • Ensure that authority and accountability for data and analytics are not out of balance with the enterprise's data-driven ambitions. Work with enterprise executives to clarify your expectations and justify a data and analytics leadership role if it does not exist.
  • Create a plan that accounts for data and analytics competency gaps, the degree of competency building needed, and how competencies should be diffused through the enterprise for your enterprise vision to succeed.

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