Four Steps to Improve Data and Analytics Capabilities

Organizations with low levels of analytics and BI maturity often struggle to tap the value of their data assets. Data and analytics leaders can evolve their organizations’ capabilities for greater business impact by taking simple steps in the areas of strategy, people, governance and technology.


Key Findings
  • Due to disengagement from business users, data and analytics leaders in organizations with low BI maturity often find it difficult to do enterprisewide strategic planning, which helps them consolidate business requirements, leverage resources and design holistic solutions.
  • Organizations with low BI maturity typically lack the budgeting, staffing, experience and collaborative approach needed to apply analytics to dynamic business requirements.
  • Due to a lack of central data and analytics management, organizations with low BI maturity struggle to deal with poor data quality, inconsistent processes, data silos and limited analytics use cases.
  • Many companies are slow to upgrade, augment or exploit their analytics BI platforms, which are primarily reporting-based and are not sufficient to meet requirements from business teams in agility, autonomy, speed and usability to enable impactful and timely analytics.
Gartner recommends data and analytics leaders responsible for analytics and BI modernization should:
  • Develop holistic data and analytics strategies with clear vision by proactively engaging with business stakeholders to define project roadmaps, business outcomes and performance metrics (“strategy”).
  • Foster and enhance analytics capabilities by creating a flexible working model, using analytics resources across the enterprise, and implementing ongoing analytics training (“people”).
  • Govern the least amount of data for the maximum business impact, and promote self-service analytics to a broader user base (“governance”).
  • Create integrated analytics platforms that can support a broad range of use cases with modern BI analytics technologies, and allow a continuous expansion of functionality as maturity grows (“technology”).

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