Martha Gabriel
Guest keynote

Martha Gabriel

Thought Leader and digital influencer, Futurist, Author of best seller "Marketing na Era Digital"
Martha Gabriel is a multidisciplinary icon in Latin America in the areas of business, trends, innovation, education and art, as well as being one of the main references in terms of digital strategies in the region. She is the author of six-books, including three bestsellers: "Marketing in the Digital Age," "Educate: The Digital (R) Evolution in Education," and "You, Me and the Robots," her most recently published book. Martha Gabriel has been ranked among the top 100 technology-savvy professors by Online Universities, the ProXX Magazine has included it in the list of the 50 best innovators in the digital world of Brazil and is also among the top 50 marketing bloggers in the world, according to KRED. As CEO of Martha Gabriel Consulting & Education and Technology Partners (Nethics and PoweredByAI), she cares for a range of clients including multinational corporations, banks, government and universities. She is a teacher of Artificial Intelligence and principal investigator of the group "All About AI" at PUC-SP (Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo), but also gives classes to the best business schools in Brazil. , including Insper. Martha Gabriel is a renowned international speaker with over 70 presentations in the United States, Europe and Asia; has been awarded 3 times as the best candidate in the United States. Martha has also given four conferences in TEDx in Brazil. This year, Martha completes 21 years as an international lecturer. Her academic training includes a doctorate and masters degree at the University of São Paulo, a postgraduate degree in marketing at ESPM-SP (Higher School of Advertising and Marketing), a degree at the School of Bellas Arts in São Paulo and a degree in engineering at Unicamp. (State University of Campinas). In addition, she has conducted executive education studies at MIT Sloan (School of Business Administration and Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology).
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Wednesday, 20 May, 2020 05:15 PM|Wednesday, 20 May, 2020 06:00 PM
Closing Guest Keynote: Smart Storytelling powered by Data and AI

Stories are the primary form of human communication and a powerful tool for generating innovation and engagement. The evolution of humanity is closely associated with storytelling, as our brains are configured to pay attention to stories, create them, process them and distribute them - the greater the connection of the story to each person's individual context, the greater its the power to attract attention and engage. A strategy is a story. A report is a story. A thought is a story. Data is the food of any story, and the better we can get and articulate our data in each context, the greater the power of the story we create. This presentation discusses how to use artificial intelligence by articulating data to create smart storytelling, leveraging its strategic use in business environments.

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