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Chirag Dekate

Chirag Dekate

VP Analyst
Chirag Dekate is a VP, Analyst at Gartner, where his research focus is on providing strategic advice to CIOs and IT leaders on Operational AI Systems, Scaling from AI Pilots into Production across a Hybrid and Multicloud Context, with an emphasis on AI (machine learning and deep learning) infrastructures, quantum technologies (quantum computing, quantum sensing, quantum networking), high-performance computing, and advanced analytics infrastructures (quantum computing, neuromorphic, GPUs and beyond).

Dr. Dekate's coverage areas include MLOps, Operational AI Systems, Quantum Technologies (Quantum Computing, Quantum Sensing, Quantum Networking), Design Patterns and Hybrid Multicloud Infrastructures to Productize Enterprise AI, Advanced Systems and Accelerator Architectures (GPUs, Neuromorphic, DNN ASIC and beyond). Dr. Dekate has in-depth expertise in Advanced Analytics and high-performance computing, quantum computing, technical computing simulations, extreme scale graph processing and future of compute infrastructures. He has rich experience in strategy development and execution from vendor ecosystems, having led multiple successful campaigns and product launches.

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Tuesday, 14 April, 2020 / 01:45 PM - 02:15 PM BRT
Five Ways Your Peers Are Using AI Today

I&O Leaders are seeking ways to apply AI in IT management. Gartner has identified 5 ways through with I&O Leaders commonly apply AI.

Wednesday, 15 April, 2020 / 11:45 AM - 12:15 PM BRT
Artificial Intelligence: What Should I&O Leaders Expect and Do to Succeed?

I&O leaders today are working aggressively in two specific ways: Provisioning infrastructure for business unit stakeholders and ingesting AI techniques to improve I&O efficiencies. Across several hundreds of Gartner inquiries and engagements, Gartner has identified I&O best practices that characterize highly successful and productive AI I&O ecosystems.

Wednesday, 15 April, 2020 / 02:00 PM - 02:45 PM BRT
Quantum Computing: The "In-Your-Face" Disruption Few Understand and Some Fear

What happens when a computer can break your encryption algorithms almost as fast as you can create new ones? That is one of the fears about quantum computing. Is it real or is it hype? Quantum computing is rapidly maturing and threatens to become one of the most impactful disruptions in the modern era impacting machine learning, AI, bitcoin and current day security encryption. Most people glaze over when you try to explain the concept. And, yet, those in the know also fear the power of that very same concept. How can something so misunderstood be poised to affect so many different things across the spectrum of science and computing? Today, we will investigate the reality of quantum computing disruption and how it might become a practical platform for computing and machine learning in the Digital Age.

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