Tracks dedicated to infrastructure and operations leaders

I&O leaders are expected to guide strategic decision-making and drive growth. Our comprehensive program is designed to help you to deliver an effortless service experience and develop critical skills for your entire  team. The conference is broken into 3 tracks, each offering: 


  • Access to the latest Gartner research
  • Panel-sessions featuring real-world case study examples
  • Exposure to Gartner experts and methodologies 


  Track A

  Cloud and Hybrid       

  Infrasctructure Strategies


  As cloud computing enters its second decade,

  it is becoming a vehicle for much of what is

  described as the future of IT. Yet despite its 

  longevity, concerns remain  about how best to

  balance between cloud computing as “the

  answer” and cloud computing as one of many

  answers for IT.


  Infrastructures are evolving and 

  changing, digital business and the rise of edge

  computing will dramatically impact I&O,

  demanding that organizations rethink their IT

  service delivery strategies. Even though the

  data center of old soon may no longer exist as

  it gives way to hybrid solutions,

  IT infrasctructures will still be required to enable

  the business’ survival. 


  This track focuses on the options for these

  evolving infrastructures and the planning,

  sourcing and delivery of on-premises and

  external solutions and services.




  Track B

  Infrastructure Automation &



  I&O leaders must redefine the mission of IT

  operations to focus on delivering positive,

  reliable and efficient business outcomes.


  This change will not be easy, given existing

  pressures to move faster, while running and

  maintaining the existing IT infrastructure.


  Enterprises are rapidly becoming digital

  businesses — connecting people,  businesses

  and things to increase revenue, efficiency and

  time to market. Learn why and how IT

  operations leaders and their teams must deliver

  reliable existing systems and navigate the

  changes needed to support new digital




  Track C

  Security and Service



  To succeed in the digital era, I&O leaders must

  be willing to embark on “creative destruction” 

  fundamentally rethinking the technology

  architecture, processes and people required for

  next-generation workloads, understanding new

  trends and technologies that could significantly 

  benefit IT and the business.  


  This track will focus on the exploratory and

  potentially transformative decisions I&O leaders

  will take and how best to find the balance

  between ensuring operational stability and

  tapping into emerging trends.

Learn firsthand what you can achieve.