Application Leaders


In today’s rapidly changing landscape, the future of applications depends on effective legacy modernization as much as innovation. Application leaders must provide leadership and guidance on the road to digital business and balance these duel priorities to be the driver of business transformation.


At the Gartner Application Strategies and Solutions Summit, you will gain invaluable insights into advancing business priorities through application strategies, finding the right talent and skills needed to thrive in an era of rapid digital transformation, and a look at emerging technologies that will have an impact on your organization.


View the conference tracks for you:

Leadership to Drive Business Transformation

The Leadership track will explore strategies to help you envision new business models and opportunities, build and expand new digital ecosystems and guide the way through business disruptions toward transformative change.


Customer and Employee Technology: Turning Vision Into Reality

The Customer track gets you up to speed on the latest trends in emerging technologies and customer applications — to help you learn how to embrace those technologies and choose the right architecture to drive engagement, productivity and satisfaction.


Anticipating the Next Wave of Technology and Business Disruption

This Prepare for the Future track illustrates how to fully realize the value of emerging technology investments by investigating how organizations need to simultaneously modernize their existing legacy application portfolio. Blending new and mature in flexible architecture is the key to digital transformation success.


Integration Strategies for a Complex Digital World

The Integration track will examine how integration capabilities pervade all aspects of IT delivery. Learn what it takes to create successful integration strategies to deliver the promise of digital business and assure the massive connectivity required for the future.


Crafting and Implementing an Effective Application Strategy

The Application Strategy track, we’ll discuss how to create and implement the clear application strategies and the strong governance needed to support today’s rapidly changing technologies.


Join fellow application leaders at this year's event.