Architects must modernize their application architecture and infrastructure strategies to respond to digital business imperatives of agility and scalability. This must all be done while also staying current on emerging technologies and their impact on those strategies.


At the Gartner Application Strategies and Solutions Summit, you will gain invaluable insights into application architecture, development, and integration to build agile architectures. In addition, you will learn how to build architectures to support DevOps, Agile, APIs, cloud, AI and more. 


View the conference tracks for you:

Architecting for Digital Excellence

In the Application Architecture track, we’ll examine the strategies needed to blend the old with the new, building digital platforms as the application infrastructure bedrock to propel your organization into the future.


Application Development for Engagement and Innovation

In the Application Development track, we’ll investigate the ways in which enterprises will continue to leverage legacy applications and databases, while emerging technologies facilitate projects that were not feasible in the past. We’ll explore the technologies, practices, tools and methodologies that enable digital business.


Customer and Employee Technology: Turning Vision Into Reality

The Customer track gets you up to speed on the latest trends in emerging technologies and customer applications — to help you learn how to embrace those technologies and choose the right architecture to drive engagement, productivity and satisfaction.


Integration Strategies for a Complex Digital World

The Integration track will examine how integration capabilities pervade all aspects of IT delivery. Learn what it takes to create successful integration strategies to deliver the promise of digital business and assure the massive connectivity required for the future.


Delivering Great Customer and Employee Experiences

Whether for customers, employees or users in general, quality is increasingly being measured in terms of experience. The Experiences track explores the ways in which this requires us to work differently, staff differently, and build differently. Learn about the newest methodologies and practices, and how to apply these to build modern solutions with great experiences.


Anticipating the Next Wave of Technology and Business Disruption

The Prepare for the Future track illustrates how to fully realize the value of these investments by investigating how organizations need to simultaneously modernize their existing legacy application portfolio. Blending new and mature in flexible architecture is the key to digital transformation success.


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