Artificial intelligence (AI) projects are moving from lab experiments to production deployment. AI can supplement and extend, and in some cases replace, existing resources. But AI can also open new doors and enable totally new capabilities.

Craft an Artificial Intelligence Strategy

AI can be a powerful tool for IT organizations. However, many application leaders struggle with deploying AI. Take a deeper look into how AI can transform IT organizations with effective strategic planning.

Gartner Trend Report: Craft an Artificial Intelligence Strategy

Where and why to use artificial intelligence

There are many use cases for AI in today’s business environments, including customer service, personalization, best-next recommendations and research. It can be used to solve challenges which organizations lack the resources to succeed. Knowing where and why to use AI can help propel teams forward in digital business. Discover the possibilities of AI and how you can incorporate it into your initiatives.

Where you should use artificial intelligence — and why.

We’ve got you covered

At Gartner Application Strategies & Solutions Summit, we dive into AI and machine learning strategies, uses and implementation. Join us for three days full of insights to help you move your application organization into the next decade of digital business.

Key AI topics on the agenda include:

  • Conversational technologies
  • Decisioning engines
  • Chatbots
  • VPAs
  • Machine learning

Recommended sessions on the agenda include:

  • Augmented Integration Technology Rebalances the Integration Work a Human and an AI Will Do
  • The present and Future of Artificial Intelligence
  • Technical Insights: Deploying Chatbots to Improve User Experience and Engagement