API Management

Managing APIs across the organization and beyond can be a challenging task for application leaders. To overcome the challenge of API management, leading organizations leverage API centers of excellence to turn API management into an engine that provides access to data, increased innovation and streamlined processes. How does your API management strategy hold up to industry best practices?


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At the Gartner Application Strategies and Solutions Summit, we explore API management and how to create centers of excellence to increase API quality. Join us for three days full of insights to help you move your applications organization into the next era of digital business.


Coverage at the 2018 conference:


  • How Do I Build a Digital Business Technology Platform?
  • Technical Insights: MASA an Agile Architecture With Integrated Apps, APIs and Multigrained Services
  • Governing Next-Generation API Infrastructure: Events, Microservices, Streaming and Hybrid Architectures
  • Roundtable: Building a Digital Business Technology Platform
  • Workshop: Designing Your API Security Policy (End-Users Only)
  • Arriving at a Single Point of Truth for Customer Data in a World of Disparity and Silos
  • How to Create an API Center of Excellence to Increase API Quality, Consistency and Usage


Dive into API management. 


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