Cloud Computing

While not new, effectively using and integrating cloud platform and applications technologies within existing frameworks and infrastructure is still a challenge across many IT organizations. In addition, application leaders must manage new risks that accompany cloud technologies. This leaves application leaders with one question – what’s the right path forward?


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Cloud Bootcamp

Become a master of cloud computing at Gartner’s Cloud Bootcamp. This interactive bootcamp delves into:


  • Getting Started with Cloud
  • Introducing the Cloud Spectrum
  • Choosing PaaS Wisely
  • Cloud Integration
  • Applications on the Cloud and For the Cloud
  • Megavendors on the Cloud Spectrum


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We've got you covered

At the Gartner Application Strategies and Solutions Summit, we explore cloud computing from getting started with cloud to cloud integration — and anywhere in between. Join us for three days full of insights to help you move your applications organization into the next era of digital business.


Hot Topics

  • Cloud Bootcamp
  • Integrations in the Cloud
  • Cloud Managed Service Providers
  • Application Architectures That Embrace Cloud
  • Path to Microservices
  • PaaS
  • And more


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