DevOps, Agile and Lean IT

Application organizations want to become agile and more responsive to their customers, but many are struggling with challenges in transformation. Application leaders modernizing application development can overcome these challenges by:


  1. Implementing product management to deliver business outcomes through agile DevOps.
  2. Scaling agile only when a solid foundation of key practices is solidly in place.
  3. Cultivating an understanding and use of agile practices in the business units.


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Top 3 Devops, Agile Challenges Answered

1. How do application leaders effectively drive their Agile transformations?

Application leaders can begin to effectively drive their Agile transformation in four steps:

  1. Propose product vision and roadmap
  2. Invest in roadmaps and plans
  3. Assign teams to product features
  4. Deliver features and update plans quarterly


2.  Application organizations focus too much on productivity and scaling agile development, and too little on building and reinforcing new skills and practices.

An application organization may want to scale agile DevOps before their teams are ready to do so. Unless Scrum teams can deliver predictably and consistently, scaling across multiple teams will not be successful.


3. Organizations in transformation struggle with cultural change and agile practices in business units.

Business agile means applying agile methodologies to a wide variety of business challenges. IT departments can play a significant role in enabling agile transformation that will also benefit other business units by sharing agile techniques.


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