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The financial services industry has historically taken a backseat to radical digital change. Instead, CIOs are looking to improve applications and operations incrementally. In order to stay competitive, financial services organizations will need to harness the power of advanced analytics, modernize new business platforms, and consolidate and modernize legacy applications.


Financial services CIOs rank business intelligence and analytics as the most critical technology component promoting their organization’s competitive differentiation. However, the involvement of CIOs in the use of advanced analytics by financial services organizations is reported as quite low, with only 43% very or extremely involved, compared with top performers at 64%*.


At Gartner Application Strategies & Solutions Summit 2018, targeted sessions and actionable guidance will provide you with the tools you need to do more with your existing portfolios while leveraging leading-edge technologies to drive growth within your organization.


View the sessions aligned to the 2018 agenda for banking, financial services and insurance:

Monday, November 26
  • Advanced Technology Boot Camp: AI in Integration Technologies
  • Advanced Technology Boot Camp: AI 101
  • Advanced Technology Boot Camp: Blockchain Essentials


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Tuesday, November 27
  • Ask the Analyst: The Risks of Blockchain
  • How Do I Build a Digital Business Technology Platform?
  • DevSecOps: Continuous Delivery Needs Continuous Security
  • The Customer Experience Pyramid: Build Experiences That Matter More
  • Superior Customer Experience — The Winner Takes It All
  • Understanding the Real Customer Journey - The Myth of Continuous Experience
  • How to Use AI to Create the Customer Experience of the Future
  • Your Artificial Intelligence Strategy Is Ready (But Only If You Need One)
  • Gartner Opening Keynote:  Optimize, Integrate, and Transform To Achieve Your Digital Future
  • Roundtable: How Are You Using AI and ML to improve Customer Experiences?
  • Senior Leadership Circle Workshop: Eight Steps to Strategize Software and Cloud Negotiations for Cost Optimization and Risk Mitigation
  • Workshop: Design Thinking for Innovation


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Wednesday, November 28
  • AI in Integration: New Alliance of Human and Digital Integrators
  • Customer Analytics: Why This Must Be Your No. 1 Investment to Improve the Customer Experience
  • Building Effective Virtual Assistants — The Subtleties of Conversational Solutions
  • Governing Next-Generation API Infrastructure: Events, Microservices, Streaming and Hybrid Architectures
  • The Future of Data Science — Eyeballs and Algorithms
  • Gartner Keynote: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Technical Debt (But Were Afraid to Ask)
  • Workshop: How to Use Four Financial Models to Optimize Costs During Negotiations


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Thursday, November 29
  • Ask the Analyst: Should We Pivot from a Mobile Strategy to a Multiexperience Strategy
  • Seize The Moment — Explore Business Benefits by Integrating AI into your Postmodern ERP Strategy
  • Application Development in the Era of Artificial Intelligence
  • Using AI-Hosted Services to Build Better Apps
  • AI and Robotic Process Automation: From Hype to Reality
  • Scaling Digital Design: Building Practice and Scope
  • Without Great EX You Can Forget Great CX
  • Getting Started With Immersive Technologies — The Reality of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Realities
  • Demystifying The DXP
  • Elevating Your Portal to an Employee Experience Platform
  • Prepare for the Future Customer
  • Roundtable: Integrating Security in DevSecOps Toolchain
  • Roundtable: Financial Management of Agile Development — What Changes?
  • Workshop: Use Gartner’s Four-Step Process to Optimize Megavendor Negotiations: IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP


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