Depoliticize Project Prioritization With a Decision Framework

Navigating the realities of continuous change, disruption and uncertainty requires a dynamic approach to program and portfolio management. In 2022, the conference offers a dedicated spotlight track emphasizing the deployment of adaptive approaches, prioritization frameworks and organizational change management practices that enhance the accelerated realization of digital outcomes.

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Watch this video to get an exclusive look at one of the sessions for program and portfolio management leaders from the 2021 conference.


Sessions aligned to program & portfolio managers

  • Rethink Organizational Change Management to Accelerate Your Growth
  • How to Depoliticize Project Prioritization With a Decision Framework
  • You Don’t Have Enough People or Money to Do Everything The Business Wants. How Do You Prioritize?
  • Ignore Burnout at Your Peril
  • Four Strategic Principles IT Leaders Need to Champion Now

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