Application leaders in the manufacturing industry are adopting digital business models and investing in a new generation of IT to differentiate themselves with strategic advantages. How are you prioritizing analytics, IoT, talent resources and the growing demand to innovate more to achieve success?

Your manufacturing sector peers at Gartner Application Strategies & Solutions Summit 2019, benefited from lessons on how to:

  • Advance your priorities through modern application strategies
  • Build agile architectures platforms armed with application architecture, development and integration best practices
  • Craft strategies to address legacy and integration challenges
  • Develop talent, skills, and roles that are essential but hard to find

Recommended 2019 sessions for manufacturing professionals

  • The Next Frontier for Products Over Projects: Hybrid IT-Business Fusion Teams
  • Technical Insights: Adopting Agile? Do What the Successful Agile Teams Do
  • The Disruptive Trends in Cloud Platforms for Leaders in Digital Business Transformation
  • Strategic Architecture Roadmap to the Future of Applications
  • The IoT Scenario: Key Next Steps
  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Cloud Data Management, But Were Afraid to Ask