Public-sector application leaders are consistently asked to function with fewer resources and find new ways to meet the needs of the organization and the citizens it serves. And decentralized websites and mobile applications pose continuous challenges. Furthermore, public-sector and government entities are constrained by policies, security guidelines and cost restraints.

Public-sector and government agency peers at Gartner Application Strategies & Solutions Summit 2019 benefitted from lessons on how to:

  • Advance priorities through application strategies
  • Build agile platforms armed with leading application architectures, modern development methodologies and integration best practices, and craft strategies to address legacy and integration challenges 
  • Develop talent, skills and roles that are essential but hard to find

Recommended 2019 sessions for application leaders in the public sector included:

  • BC9 - Cloud Bootcamp
  • BC12 - Emerging Technology Bootcamp
  • AG - Workshop: Demystifying Agile With the Agile Fluency™ Game 
  • E3 - Three Steps to Design a Future-Proof Business Application Integration Strategy
  • C6 - The Disruptive Trends in Cloud Platforms for Leaders In Business Transformation
  • H9 - Baby Steps: How to Innovate in a Resource-Constrained or Risk-Averse Environment