Bill Holz

Bill Holz

VP Analyst
Bill Holz is a Research VP on the Application Platform Strategies (APS) team in Gartner for Technical Professionals (GTP). Mr. Holz covers a range of technical topics, including software development methodologies (focus on agile) and web development.
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Tuesday, May 03, 2022 / 01:30 PM - 02:00 PM EDT
Technical Insights: Automating the Delivery Value Stream

The demand for increased speed of delivery of applications has never been higher, and is increasing with no end in sight. Agile and DevOps practices help, but many teams continue to be burdened with inefficient manual processes that waste valuable time and resources. The only way to free teams from the drudgery of manual builds, deployments, tests and patches is by embracing pervasive automation .

Wednesday, May 04, 2022 / 03:00 PM - 03:30 PM EDT
Technical Insights: Keys for DevOps Success

DevOps is all the rage — but what does DevOps really mean? Organizations all around the globe are scrambling to adopt DevOps without understanding what the term means and what is required to adopt it. This presentation will help you to better understand:
• What DevOps is and what it is not?
• The keys critical to DevOps success.
• How to build your DevOps practice into your SDLC ?

Wednesday, May 04, 2022 / 03:00 PM - 03:45 PM EDT
Case Study Roundtable: The Land O'Lakes Journey from Project-Centric IT to an Agile Operating Model

We'll follow the Land O'Lakes journey from a more traditional, Project-centric organization to one that is designed around continuously-funded Product teams working directly with the business. This case study explores the transformational journey and how our Product and Capability teams are building trust with our business. We'll talk through:
• Aligning the business to the approach and being deliberate about handling change management (Agile training)
• Talent management and the gaps many organizations face (Employee background, experience and interest)
• Financial management and the implications of such an organizational change
• Application ownership and the impact on portfolio management and rationalization efforts

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