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Jesse McGinnis
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Jesse McGinnis

Sr. Development Lead
Jesse is a Sr. Engineering leader at Shopify, where he supports several teams. Before that he worked with multiple teams as a consultant to help them ship more, better and faster. Authored Embracing Uncertainty, offering practical tips and techniques for building and maintaining high-performing team.
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Tuesday, May 23, 2023 / 02:00 PM - 02:30 PM PDT
Case Study: Building Trust in a Remote-first World

The switch to remote-first and hybrid has unlocked so much potential for the world and our companies: we can hire the best, people can live where they want, and we can form teams based on skills and interest instead of location. But, this has also fundamentally changed how we build trust and high-performing teams: so much of what “came for free” in-person now requires a completely new level of intention and awareness from our teams, and especially from our people- and technical- leaders. Let’s unpack this together.
Reflecting on his own journey as a leader at Shopify and how he navigated the rocky world of transitioning to be digital-first, Jesse will share key insights of what has made digital and hybrid a win for Shopify in building amazing teams.

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