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Are You Prepared for the Impact of Automation on Application Development?


With an increase in digital transformation initiatives, application teams will need to look towards using artificial intelligence (AI) to help deliver on business needs. Read Gartner’s vice president Mark Driver’s article on augmenting application development teams with AI to prepare for the impact of automation.

Your First 100 Days

How you perform as an application leader in your first 100 days is critical to your success. New application leaders must overcome predecessor reputations, understand past successes and failures as well as future expectations. Read Gartner’s vice president and distinguished analyst Bill Swanton’s article on the importance of the first 100 days as an application leader. 

Modernizing Legacy Systems

The best approach to modernize legacy applications depends on the problem you’re trying to solve. In this Smarter with Gartner article, Stefan van der Zijden, research director at Gartner, explores 7 options to modernize legacy systems. 

Transforming Financial Management Applications Through AI


Artificial intelligence (AI) will become a key differentiating factor in financial systems. Read this Smarter with Gartner article to understand how AI can transform financial management applications and provide a competitive advantage.

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