Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Finance

45% of executives plan to increase investment in AI following the recent publicity of ChatGPT and Generative AI.

The AI revolution is at your doorstep – are you ready?

Get the tools you need to craft and implement an effective Finance AI strategy.

Despite economic headwinds, AI investment is growing, fueled by generative AI advancements (sparked by ChatGPT). With this AI frenzy come questions like: How much should we invest? What to prioritize? When to get started? And what are the risks that come with this emerging technology? 

A sample of recommended sessions:

  • Establishing an AI-Forward Organization That Paves the Path to Autonomous
  • AI Talent: Build, Borrow, or Buy
  • What Should CFOs Know About AI, ML, Blockchain, Web3, Quantum Computing, and Other Key Emerging Technologies?

Recommended interactive and networking sessions:

  • Ask the Expert: Getting Started: Enterprise AI Use Cases
  • Ask the Expert: Getting Started: AI Use Cases in Finance
  • Ask the Expert: Getting Started: AI Talent & Skills
  • Ask the Expert: Moderate to Advanced: AI Experiments, Roadmapping and Skills
  • Peer Meetup: Generative AI in Finance

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