CIOs involved in building or expanding a digital business are dealing with an increased pace of innovation that is very disruptive to their ability to scale or grow. The ability to successfully engage with this disruption can be the difference between thriving and sliding.


True innovators affecting change don't just innovate —they fundamentally shift the dynamics of the situations in which they find themselves. When the average organization is no longer surprised by disruption, but instead uses it as a tool of normal competition, it changes organizational dynamics, the nature of strategic planning, investment priorities and the technologies used to drive the future of business.


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Why is innovation so important to IT executives?
  • Businesses must recognize, prioritize and respond to disruption from the arrival of new technologies and players in their markets.
  • Disruption causes a fundamental shift in behaviors and expectations.
  • Digital disruption is a catalyst for innovation and business transformation, yet recognizing disruption and knowing what to do about it is an underdeveloped skill within enterprises.
  • Fads, features and disruptions are not the same. Fads and features normally do not lead to long-term leadership, while disruptions open the door to multiple opportunities.


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