Christiane Groth

Christiane Groth

VP, Advisory
Christiane Groth is a former researcher currently serving as strategic advisor to CIOs and other C-suite executives, engaging in consultative discussions on digital business transformation, strategic planning, organizational design, and business architecture. Her ability to efficiently distill Gartner's research insights to practical implementation strategies across these key areas of business management has made her a sought after thought partner to F250 CIOs from a variety of industries. Key questions she helps clients address include:

- What is the "project to product" shift and what does it mean for my enterprise's organizational structure and workflows?
- How do I innovate and drive business digital transformation in my organization?
- What does good strategic planning look like in a digital business environment?
- How do I mature my IT function to ensure digital business success?
- How do CIOs help drive digital business models?

Prior to joining CEB (now Gartner) in 2008, Ms. Groth was a research analyst for United Educators and has held administrative positions at Georgetown University and the College of William and Mary. Her work in higher education specialized in business continuity planning, crisis response, communications strategy, and operational efficiency. She has helped universities evaluate key operations programs for effectiveness (including technology initiatives), update strategic plans, and implement crisis response plans following Hurricane Katrina and Virginia Tech events.

Ms. Groth holds an Ed.D. in higher education policy from the College of William and Mary, where her studies and dissertation focused on the role of interest groups in shaping public policy. She also holds B.A. and M.T. degrees from Virginia Commonwealth University.
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Monday, February 28, 2022 / 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM EST
Gartner Opening Keynote: Activate the Human-Centric Autonomous Future

The only way to solve today’s talent crises, labor shortages and employee burnout is with work design that empowers human adaptability. Intelligent technology must also be unleashed to automate ethically. The future requires workforce autonomy and autonomous systems melded to drive sustainable growth.
(PLEASE NOTE: This session was recorded February 9, 2022)

Monday, February 28, 2022 / 12:45 PM - 01:30 PM EST
Ask the Expert: Why Today’s Disruptions Require CIOs to Rethink How Their Managers Work

The emerging trends of agile ways of working, hybrid work, product management, AI augmentation and automation and the decreasing half-life of skills have implications for the work of middle managers. The popular messages that middle managers will not be needed in the near future are inaccurate. Following a brief presentation from Christie Struckman, we’ll discuss the most relevant trends impacting the way CIOs should think about middle management, how to redesign the work of middle managers in the Future of Work, and how to retain great middle managers. Bring your questions to this interactive session and learn from those posed by your peers!

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