Podcast: The "New" CIO: Taking Care of Business

In 2019, CIOs will see the use of digitalized products and services drive new forms of growth. New sources of revenue, business value and opportunities to engage with customers and citizens require you to lead your organization to the next level. 


How are you preparing to take your organization and your career to that next level?


Listen to Bruce Robertson and Graham Waller share the foundation you need to become a leader of business growth and value. Then, join Bruce and Graham at this year's Gartner CIO Leadership Forum for a deep dive of these topics and more. 



Infographic: Define a digital roadmap for your culture change journey

CIOs recognize that culture is both a barrier and an enabler of strategic business change. But they often fail to address the problem directly by defining a roadmap for their culture change journey and then executing assessments and change activities.


2018 Executive Summary: Scaling Digital Transformation

Uncover new insights to help you scale your digital leadership with this Executive Summary Report containing key take-aways from Gartner CIO Leadership Forum 2018.



Checklist: Seven behaviors of CIO who thrive in digital business

Enterprise leaders may not realize how much of their own mindsets and behaviors must change for the organization to thrive in digital business. Use the following checklist to assess your digital dexterity and understand if you have what it takes to lead with today’s digital-era disciplines.


There is huge enterprise-level interest in artificial intelligence (AI) projects and their potential to fundamentally change the dynamics of business value – but most CIOs are struggling to accelerate deployment of AI. We’ve collated a series of Smarter with Gartner articles around AI with the aim of helping CIOs experiment with the technology, implement a plan and embrace AI.


Get the leadership skills you need to succeed in the digital era.