Each year we survey data and analytics (D&A) leaders to determine the most pressing priorities and challenges they are facing. With this information, our team of Gartner experts develops a theme for Gartner Data & Analytics Summit that delivers the top trends and technologies to help empower D&A teams to tackle these priorities. 

2024: Generating Value Together: From Data to AI to Collective Intelligence

Each year we build upon what we presented the previous year to help data and analytics meet the needs of the organization now and in the future. Take a moment to preview our previous themes. 

2023-2017 themes

Unleash Innovation. Transform Uncertainty.

Leading organizations are embracing the power of data and analytics in the face of disruption — the power to continuously transform a complex and uncertain business environment into one of opportunity and high value. Enterprises are heading not toward a “new normal” but rather a “no normal.” By establishing D&A as the foundation of their strategy, organizations can harness the strength of their people, advanced technologies and agile processes to unleash innovation and adapt continuously to change. D&A leaders must make the right decisions in a complex world, ensuring that data and analytics add practical value to innovation initiatives and turn uncertainty into opportunity for organizations.

“I have really enjoyed connecting with other industry professionals and spending time with my team. The experience has been invaluable!”

Caleb Lampert
Principal Data Engineer, Chick-fil-A

Learn, Unlearn, Relearn: Data and Analytics Everywhere

Data and analytics leaders are faced with unprecedented uncertainty, disruption and opportunity, from internal and external sources. Yet, as disruptive and destructive as the global COVID-19 pandemic has been, it has served as an engine of innovation and proved that even the most conservative organizations (and people) can make radical changes quickly.

Data and analytics has never been more critical. Over the next year, being able to leverage D&A to anticipate changes, shift quickly in response, and then accelerate change to infuse data and analytics everywhere will be an essential capability for success. Fundamental will be learning new skills and competencies, unlearning the obsolete and relearning what works, continuously. Learn, Unlearn, Relearn: Data and Analytics Everywhere.

Rewire Your Culture for an AI-Augmented Future

Artificial intelligence has the potential to introduce new sources of growth, changing how work is done and augmenting the role of people to drive innovation. From a people perspective, the Gartner TalentNeuron™ database shows that there are 2.2 times more jobs for both AI specifically and across all of D&A outside IT. And as AI extends its footprint across the business, the Gartner 2021 CIO Survey shows the number of enterprises implementing AI tripled in the past year, and yet many businesses are struggling to separate AI hype from reality.

In this new reality, D&A leaders must rewire and rethink the core of their organization’s culture around D&A to drive the transformation needed to propel their organizations forward into a successful, AI-augmented future.

Lead With Purpose to Achieve Clarity in a World of Ambiguity

Data and analytics leaders are driving digital transformation, creating monetization opportunities, improving the customer experience and reshaping industries. Accelerating digitalization, driven by the dramatic surge in data new technologies, particularly AI, has created unprecedented disruption and ambiguity. We showed data and analytics leaders how to lead with purpose through shared vision and storytelling. How to bring clarity by navigating the ambiguities brought about AI (to augment or automate), the potential tyranny or business value of metrics and the challenges of privacy and personalization. We proposed that the only way for data and analytics leaders to deal with the pervasive ambiguity is to follow this important mantra: Principles lead, rules follow.

“Gartner conferences are like having a crystal ball. In less than four days I can establish a vision of where to drive my organization for the next two to three years.”

Troy Mitchell
Head of BI and Analytics, Motorola Solutions

Scale the Value of Data and Analytics

We helped data and analytics leaders capitalize on the strategies they developed in 2017 and amplify their influence, becoming a catalyst for transformation all across the enterprise. It was about building on the fundamentals and harnessing emerging practices and technologies to increase the benefits of existing initiatives and also rapidly and broadly generating adoption of modern data and analytics capabilities throughout the business — from centralized functions to distributed teams and even beyond enterprise boundaries, engaging a wide range of roles and personas, and across a diverse set of use cases. It was about making data and analytics leaders the epicenter of business value.

“Great insights into what the industry is moving towards. This helps us prepare for the future and better align with external entities.”

James Huang
Program Manager, TxDOT

Lead in the Age of Infinite Possibilities

This was aimed at raising awareness among data and analytics leaders and their management about all the new, innovative, abundant and transformational opportunities available for them to capture. The conference helped them to navigate the complex and vast landscape of initiatives they could possibly pursue, and narrow their focus to where they can have the greatest initial impact. We explored the juxtaposition between scarcity and abundance as it relates to data and analytics.

“This is my first time attending a Gartner summit. It is an excellent venue for learning latest trends in data and analytics — real-time analytics an engaging with peers in healthcare and other industries. I left with a wealth of information and next steps.”

2017 attendee
VP Data Science, Excellus BCBS

Lead with Purpose, Make an Impact

Leaders and their teams have shown perseverance, creativity and ingenuity in the face of a disruptive global environment. As companies push to transform and accelerate data and analytics, it’s up to you as CDAOs and D&A leaders to execute purposeful strategies that maximize capabilities.

To harness data and analytics’ true power, your team needs to scale cohesive ecosystems across your organization while using AI to ethically manage data and privacy. Taking a human-centric approach to sourcing and retaining talent will also be critical to success.

Join us at Gartner Data & Analytics Summit to address the most significant challenges you’ll face as you empower the innovative and adaptable organizations of the future. You’ll leave this conference ready to:

  • Implement strategies and innovations backed by data and analytics to navigate disruption.

  • Lead purposefully by balancing trust, accountability, governance and security with adaptability and responsiveness.

  • Scale your purpose beyond organizational silos, across value chains and ecosystems to foster societal perseverance.

I have really enjoyed connecting with other industry professionals and spending time with my team. The experience has been invaluable!

Caleb Lampert

Principal Data Engineer , Chick fil a

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