Calling all technical professionals

Determining how to architect the right products and solutions to deliver against your business objectives is paramount to success. The Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2022 in Orlando, FL, offers a spotlight track of Gartner for Technical Professionals content, which provides actionable insights into best practices and methodologies.

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Watch this video to get an exclusive look at one of the sessions for technical professionals from the 2021 virtual conference:

How to Migrate Your Data and Analytics Platform to the Cloud

Sessions aligned to technical professionals

  • Bake-Off: Analytics and BI
  • Technical Insights: Database Migration to the Cloud or Elsewhere — The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • Technical Insights: Deploying Data and Analytics Architecture in AWS, Azure and GCP Cloud Platforms
  • Technical Insights: Develop Your MLOps Playbook to Accelerate Machine Learning Deployment
  • Technical Insights: Embed Data Privacy Within Data Science Solutions Using Synthetic Data and Other Techniques
  • Technical Insights: Leveraging Agile Best Practices to Build a Collaborative Data Science Practice
  • Technical Insights: Struggling With Establishing Trust in AI? Reduce Model Bias and Incorporate Explainable AI
  • Technical Insights: Building a Comprehensive Governance Framework for Data and Analytics
  • Technical Insights: Data Warehouse Automation — Applying Agile DevOps and DataOps Principles to Your Deployments

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